Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Second Post

Told you I'd have two!

The new babies and I didn't like the grendel's listing as "ugly" in the Encyclopedia, so I changed it. I think this is much better, and Sherlock seems to approve.

Speaking of new babies, this is Otto. I imported him from an old, glitchy Albia. He doesn't seem to have any problems. He loves coffee, just like me. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for the little guy.

This is my other import, Belle. She's a White Haired Pixie/Snow Norn mix. All she gets from the Snow half is her legs. But she's cute, and a wee bit stubborn.

Rasui fled the chaos and headed for the island. He got the peace he needed, and decided to nap in a nearby lift. Probably not too comfortable, but who am I to judge?

Last but not least, I checked up on Mycroft. He had imbibed a little, and was starting to feel the effects. You can see it on his face! After sleeping it off, though, he was better.

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