Thursday, June 11, 2015

Norn Studies and Computer Issues

First off, I'm very sorry for disappearing. My computer likes to blue-screen at the most inopportune times. But I'll make up for this with TWO blog posts today!

I started off by checking on Mycroft. He made his way to the settlement and napped next to the goldfish. I think he's made a friend, because he refused to leave it.

Luna made a little trip to the garden. After a few lemons, she was cheery and grinning. She even had the common sense to leave the baobab alone. Good for her!

But all was not well in Albia. Rasui was afflicted with the first disease of the playthrough. It spread to Luna, but luckily not to Mycroft. I found it fast enough, and started to treat it quickly enough, that no lives were lost.

On a lighter note, Jessica of Discover Albia made some much-needed updates to the carrots. As you can see, Rasui thought the updates, much like the carrots themselves, were delicious! Side note: I love the snow norns' happy faces. They're so cute!

I imported a new COB, the Encyclopedia Nornica. It teaches the creatures all their words. Rasui didn't seem to like studying much, or maybe it was just Luna he wasn't fond of, but now my norns know all the words.

To broaden the gene pool, I brought in a new norn. This is Sherlock, Much like his namesake, he's very smart. He learned his words quickly, and also picked up how to eat. Here he is enjoying a pot of honey, with me trying to coax him to try something a little healthier.

And last but certainly not least, there was a new little egg in Albia, courtesy of Luna and Rasui. I set it aside for now, as I'm going to be splitting the generations. I can hardly wait to see who's in it, though.

One last question: Do you like the photo-album style of my posts? I'd love to see your comments!

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