Monday, June 8, 2015

A fuzzy new face, a traveling Grendel, and maybe young love!

Today's Albian adventure was a cute one.

        I imported a snow norn, naming him Rasui after a friend's character. He's a sweet, smiley little fella. Lookit how cute he is!

Not long after, he went off on a little adventure, meeting Luna. The two seemed to hit it off almost immediately. There was a lot of kissing and giggling going on. Leading to an egg when they're old enough, maybe?

I decided to leave the two of them be for a while and check on Mycroft. My little green explorer had made it all the way to the island! He was interested in the lift button, but a few tickles got his attention on me. I fed him a parsnip or two, to get his life force high, and he's a happy boy now.

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