Sunday, June 7, 2015

The first Norn and Grendel in a fresh Albia!

 Welcome to Royale Creatures. I'm Chloe, and this is where I'll be documenting the misadventures of my norns, grendels and Ettins. We'll start with C1 for now.

The fiery colors of this egg are likely as exciting as the life inside. I set the little one in the incubator quickly, not wanting it to get cold. After a few minutes, out popped a sweet little White-Haired Pixie Norn!

Luna here took to life in Albia quite easily. She may not look happy here, but she learned her words quickly. My little girl is quite the traveler, heading all over already!

But Miss Luna isn't the only one on Albia. This green sweetheart is Mycroft. With the Grendel Friendly COB installed, he's quite the gentleman,

There's an exciting life ahead for these two, I'm sure. Stay tuned to see!


  1. Woo, new blog! I wonder what sort of trouble Luna will get into.

  2. Welcome to the world of Creatures blogging! Luna and Mycroft seem like a wonderful pair to start off with in C1. I love that you're using the Grendel Friendly COB so he can properly interact with everyone else. Good luck: I'll be checking back to find out what life has in store for them!